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:: C3 - The 3 Step Creative Expert Process ::

Step 1. Creative Clarity Call: In the beginning stages of company branding or personal development Tracy uses her unique abilities and skills to work with the clients on the phone, in person or via skype for an hour. This is where she works with her clients to help he/she gain clarity on what it is that they are wanting to work together on and how they can gain visibility and clarity. During this one hour clarity phone session we will gain a clear vision on where you are headed and what your message is. After honing in on what your true message is, we then create a detailed proposal that will best tell the world who you are. We spend this time on the front end to get into your head and heart making the whole process as valuable to you as possible. You will walk away from this session with a clear vision of who you are, where you are headed, what your strengths and weaknesses are and why you are doing what you are doing. The investment for this one hour Clarity Intensive and Proposal is $300, which is paid prior to the beginning of the phone call and is rolled into any proposal and project cost upon approval. There are no refunds for the Clarity Session, for if you choose to not accept the proposal you still walk away with a clear vision of where you are headed, the proposal and ideas to help you move forward in your business and personal life. We look forward to sharing Step 2.The Proposal and Step 3. The Creative Work with you after we complete your clarity session.

::Step 2. The Proposal::

Custom detailed for your project needs.

::Step 3. The Project::

This is where the creative work begins with you after your clarity session is complete and approval of proposal.